jawlines and collarbones

there was light pale pink or deep orange and my hands- bloody not trembling not scared not breathing just bloody matching the light i look down and a bulk of my thigh is missing pierced through light i grin my hands bloody grin back


the ellipsis short of two dots

imagine this : you are walking down a deserted lane with dimly lit shops and the smell of urine as your only companion and you know you're close home so you're less vigilant and you start looking for the keys and you don't look with your eyes but with your rough hands - those poor… Continue reading the ellipsis short of two dots

things they don’t tell you about shrink sessions

shrinks can be asshole but you're an asshole yourself, so don't worry about shrinks people have wept like babies on the chair you're sitting on if you smile while sitting across a shrink, you're probably going home to stronger medication shrinks may try to get you hooked to medication shrinks can be utterly nice and… Continue reading things they don’t tell you about shrink sessions