fuck you and all that:

there are stains
on my cheeks
from the tears
that once
marked our boundaries
from the tip of my
merges the
into the anger
that has
creased itself into the comforts
of your chest
and from within the
rises my disgust

at everything we are
you, and I
and this thing
you call love

the deception
of your words
of my desperation
to believe
in polyamory
loneliness is
too hard
for you to bear with
and the
only sibling
I had while growing up

in the
same mind
our hearts
have grown
too far apart
to be kept alive
and yet

and yet

I wriggle out
of my boundaries
territories with
a newfound shame
of having fallen
in love
with someone
whose joy
(unknowingly) lies
my insecurities


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